A visit to Happy Camp for the Big Foot Jamborie

We lined the street for the parade then entered in the duck races. Back at the ranch we enjoyed wonderful meals from Casey & George’s garden. What a treat.

Spent much time in the kitchen.

My brother Chris at the BBQ.

George at the bbq

Karen at the table!

Karen made bloody marys for us all.

Chris making a statement

Happy Camp High School Football game.

George topped off the night with fireworks!

A Whydah finds its way to my back yard

The Whydah arrived mid June 2018. We thought it was a big bird, but he is really tiny with a foot long tail. An African finch, he sports this tail during breeding season and then loses it.

The Whydahs are escapees from the bird trade and have established themselves. They don’t build a nest, but lay eggs in the nests of the Munia. This visiting Whydah has a mate. She looks just like him though she has no long tail. She does have a red beak as he does.