Eastern Sierra Nevada mid pandemic

After three months of basically home quarantine, our thoughts turn to the beauty and freedom of the lovely Eastern Sierra Nevada. So we call the family and invite them along for a camping trip. And we are off for an adventure and hopefully some fish!

First stop the semi ghost town of Randsburg, quite buttoned up at this time. We stopped at the city jail to deposit grand daughter Hailey, but she escaped.

Checking in to Boulder Creek we are disappointed the pool is closed due to the pandemic so we pop over to Diaz Lake.  Hailey tries her luck at fishing:

Alan tries his luck at swimming.

We were accompanied by several yellow-headed blackbirds. One swooped down an stole a french fry out of my hand. There were males, females and several young.

Boulder Creek Campground was open at about 1/3 capacity. Pool and spa closed. Jim and Linda came for a socially acceptable distant visit and we exchanged stories about our days and friends at Hollywood High School back in the 60s.

Jim Newton – now a resident of Lone Pine. Below we reminisce.

Boulder Creek is home to more than a dozen desert tortoises.


Heading north we decided to drive up to Whitney Portals to fish in the pond and partake of the humongas pancakes but the road was closed at the start of the Lucy & Dezi Long Long Trailer scenic road. We opted to take Hailey on an adventure through the Alabama Hills on the Movie Road. Jim took us to sites we had missed before.

Moving north we checked into McGee Creek RV Park – a jumping off point for adventures beyond.

Fishing at Gull lake. As usual NO FISH.