USC Adds Another Blue Shirt

Does USC really need another blue shirt player, which takes a scholarship away from the following recruiting class? Today, the Trojans added punter Chris Tilbey from San Francisco City College. Tilbey is from Australia and uses the Aussie-style for punting.

But that now means five players are “blue shirts.” Is it more important to have those players now than signing a four-or-five star prospect in February? I think it depends on each case but if USC misses out on a big-time prospect because it did not have a scholarship, that’s an issue.
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USC Morning Buzz: Pat Haden Explained His Decision

In the previous post, Pat Haden gave his reasons for how he handled the Steve Sarkisian situation. You can agree or disagree with his decision, as he said.

Just a couple points: If this was in the best interest of USC and Sarkisian, why was Kevin O’Neill suspended in a similar circumstance? Would a player get away with this without any kind of suspension? And most importantly, if medical professionals say a drug like Xanax was involved, shouldn’t there be some type of acknowledgement that it might not just be an alcohol issue?

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Pat Haden Gives Interview

SARK.HADENUSC athletic director Pat Haden finally spoke about his handling of Steve Sarkisian tonight on the “Trojans Live” radio show on 710-AM.

“These kinds of decisions and particularly this one was given a lot of thought, a lot of careful thought,” Haden said. “Before the decision was made, I talked to and had conversations with medical professionals, trusted members of my staff, people I’ve known for a long time.

“We developed a confidential plan going forward. Steve has discussed the counseling part of it, which he’s started. I think it’s started off well, at least what he’s told me. Importantly, he’s approached it with an open mind.

“A lot of people are going to disagree with my decision. It happens all the time. But I believe the course of action we chose is in the best interest of USC and Steve Sarkisian. And maybe just as importantly, or more importantly, to our players and their best interest.”

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Morgan Breslin Sues USC


Former USC defensive end Morgan Breslin filed a lawsuit against the university because he claims the school advised him to buy an inadequate disability insurance policy. Breslin was injured his senior season and quickly cut by the San Francisco 49ers.

Breslin filed a claim with the AmTrust insurance company in May 2014, but AmTrust denied it seven months later and filed a lawsuit in New Jersey asking that the policy be declared void, according to Breslin’s lawsuit.

“USC controls all communications between insurers offering athletic
insurance policies and the student athlete who will buy the policy,” the suit said.

It might be worth attending a hearing if Breslin testifies since he refused to ever speak to the media his two years at USC.

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USC Playcalling Debate

SARK.SCRIMMAGE.2Although Steve Sarkisian said he started thinking last spring about handing playcalling duties to Clay Helton, many people are suspicious because of the timing and believe it was done in response to last week’s Salute to Troy incident. What I find odd is there was never much talk about it beforehand because usually things like this come up well before the week of the season opener.

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