Kotsay’s story is motivation for us all

Mark Kotsay is pseudo local for the Valley, having prepped in the Whittier area at Santa Fe High School.
But his story is motivation for anyone who ever wanted to achieve anything.
During his junior and senior years at Santa Fe, he attended a baseball camp at Stanford University. He was told my a Stanford assistant coach that his talent wasn’t GOOD enough to play beyond high school, but wished him good luck.
Kotsay took that as motivation to prove the coach wrong. He then went to Cal State Fullerton and became one of the top players in collegiate baseball history, winning the Golden Spikes Award in 1995 and earning a spot on the College World Series all-time team after leading the Titans to a CWS title in 1995.
He’s continued it at the major league level, becoming a steady, everyday ballplayer, who after stints with the Floridia Marlins, San Diego Padres and Oakland Athletics, is now roaming center field for the Atlanta Braves.
So if you’re ever told you will never make it in your chosen field, just remember Mark Kotsay and you will realize that if you believe in your abilities, anything is possible.

6 thoughts on “Kotsay’s story is motivation for us all

  1. One of the most arrogant and classless high school athletes I ever witnessed in person. He would yell and laugh at opposing batters after strikeouts.

    I imagine Steve Ramirez has never had any contact with the guy or watched him play back then.

  2. Actually Pete, I never did see Kotsay in high school, but did watch him all three years at Cal State Fullerton, and did interview him – along with former El Rancho star Randy Flores – prior to both of them making their then minor-league debuts. I never saw that arrogance.

  3. I played with Mark and he recieved half a scholarship as it is very difficult to get full schlarships in baseball. He didn’t even start until halfway through his freshmen year, but took off once he did. A tremendous college baseball player who like most athletes are very cocky and into themselves.

  4. It takes more than simple confidence to succeed at such a high level in any sport. Anyone that excels at a sport has to have that swagger that separates them from the pack. It let’s everyone know, “I’m supposed to be here.”

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