Roemer pitches with heavy heart

Wes Roemer pitched with a heavy heart on Friday.

Former Glendora High School star Wes Roemer opened the 2009 season by throwing five shut-out innings in the Visalia Rawhide’s 5-3 victory over Lake Elsinore in a Cal League game on Friday.
It was a solid start to the season, but Roemer’s heart was elsewhere. Roemer’s two friends – Jon Wilhite and Courtney Stewart were victims in the car crash that cost the life of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart earlier this week. Stewart, a former Cal State Fullerton cheerleader, was also killed in the crash. Wilhite, the lone survivor who was upgraded to serious condition on Saturday and resting at UC Irvine Medical Center, was Roemer’s teammate on the CSF baseball team.
Both were on his mind on Friday when he took the hill in Lake Elsinore. Here’s what Roemer told the North County Times after his performance on Friday:
“I wanted to dedicate my game to them tonight,” Roemer said. “It definitely gave me that extra drive to get through the game. When things got tough, I just stepped back and took a deep breath.
“You’ve got to go out there and perform. You’ve got to go on with it. It was tough —- I’m not going to lie. Coming to the field today, it was in the back of my head —- (Wilhite) was my catcher for three years.”
Here is the rest of the story from the North County Times

My thoughts of this senseless tragedy is mainly spiritual. Sometimes things don’t make sense in this life, or are even seem fair. I can only relate my personal experiences. I lost my best friend in life 10 years ago this summer, and my older brother passed a few years ago. I believe that all you can do in these circumstances are to reflect on the good times. On that here is a video on youtube from a “Little House on the Praire” episode that I think explains it better than I can put into words.

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