You can't handle the truth

Not that this is breaking news, but manager Mike Scioscia is not always forthcoming when asked about the team’s plans. Take the following example from a conversation earlier today. Scioscia was asked if he will finally make it official and announce that Casey Kotchman will be his starting first baseman. Not an unreasonable question. Kotchman certainly has shown he deserves it. It’s not like he was asked how the team plans on pitching to Alex Rodriguez. Here was Scioscia’s answer on the Kotchman inquiry:

“I think that the way Casey is playing this spring, we’re very encouraged. I think that with Shea (Hillenbrand) and Q (Robb Quinlan) and Kendry (Morales), along with what Kotch has done, I feel very confident about the production we’re going to get from first base and the level of play. Right now it’s obvious Kotch is going to be a big part of that. We’re going to keep moving forward.”

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