Schedule gives off an odor

When the Angels return from this road trip they will play host to the Dodgers for three games and then leave town again, starting a conversation about the schedule. Manager Mike Scioscia gave it a thumbs down.
On the final road trip of the first half, the Angels go to Baltimore then Texas and then back east again to New York. But that isn’t what has Scioscia bothered. He doesn’t care for the two-game series sprinkled throughout and is miffed that during the pennant races of September, the Angels will be playing non-division teams like the Indians, Orioles, White Sox and Devil Rays.
The schedule stinks, Scioscia said. I thought they were making long strides. About four years ago we had a lot of these two-game sets we did away with. The integrity of the schedule was nice the last couple of years because we were in our division early, in the middle and then at the end.
No team could back into the playoffs. You had to earn it the whole way.

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