Murphy, Willits separated at birth

Tommy Murphy and Reggie Willits say they have mistaken for each other a number of times during their time in the Angels organization, but the latest case of mistaken identity was a classic. Murphy said he was walking off the field after batting practice this past weekend when he was grabbed by a television type and told he would be needed for an interview immediately.

Murphy said he asked if they had the right guy and was told that yes, he was the player they needed. The interview proceeded and Murphy said he answered some very general questions about his play of late. After the interview, Murphy asked Willits if he was supposed to be doing a television interview any time soon. Willits said that in fact he was heading out at that moment to do a TV spot. “Don’t bother,” Murphy said. “I did it for you.”

Somebody from the Angels’ public relations department eventually informed the TV crew that it had talked to the wrong guy. The interview never aired, which is probably good for the interviewer, but it would have made for some awfully entertaining viewing.

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