Bloodied Napoli gets Stanley Cup fever

Mike Napoli looked more like a goaltender than a catcher before Sunday’s game as an incident in the batting cage left him with a bandage over the bridge of his nose. Napoli and Reggie Willits were in the batting cage Sunday morning when Willits pretended to flip his bat in Napoli’s direction. He lost grip of the bat and the hollowed out end caught Naopli flush on the bridge of his nose, opening a deep cut. Everybody was laughing about the incident later, but Willits admitted that at the time he was scared because he thought he had injured Napoli seriously. Napoli still played, as expected.

Napoli called his new look a tribute to the upcoming Stanley Cup finals between the Ducks and the Ottawa Senators. He pointed to the bandage, his scruffy facial hair and the fact that he wears a mask to his day job as proof that he is getting excited for hockey’s championship series. If only a black eye developed and a tooth fell out, then he would really have something. But there’s no reason to stereotype.

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