Angels not lacking trade currency

At least one independent source has confirmed that the Angels had a bigger surplus of tradeable prospects than anybody else in baseball, yet once again the club did not part with any of that potential talent for a proven player. The Minor League News (whoever they are) just voted the Angels as their farm system of the year. And just how did they obtain this honor? Apparently they had more FAB50 picks (whatever that is) than anybody else in baseball.

Brandon Wood was considered 11th on the FAB50 list, with Nick Adenhart 20th, Terry Evans 28th and Nick Green 42. At least that’s what the Minor League News’ recent press release indicated.

So if the lack of an addition ends up hurting the Angels in a bid for their second World Series title in five years, well at least they can hoist the trophy for their farm system of the year title (does the NLN give a trophy?). Not sure many people would turn out for that parade and rally, though.

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