It was a true "Blue Monday" for M's

Yes, the Seattle mayor really did decree that the opening day of a three-game series be referred to as “Blue Monday.” He was, of course, trying to make a connection with the team’s dominate color, but he ended up describing the mood in the Emerald City after the Angels rolled to a 6-0 victory in the opener and built a three-game lead in the AL West. Not everybody participated with the “blue” theme, though.

Here is how the Seattle media reviewed the team’s depressing day:

The Seattle Times claims the Mariners aren’t worried about a 6-0 defeat. Forget that their manager was kicked out, their vaunted offense was handcuffed, and the Angels basically did what they wanted to Monday.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer wonders what it’s going to take to score a run off John Lackey. When you consider that Lackey hates all division opponents as if they stole his bike, rises to the occasion in big games and can pitch a shutout with strep throat, finding answers could take come time.

The Tacoma News Tribune compared the series to a boxing match. It hasn’t been much of a fight so far.

The Everett Herald credits the fans with having more energy than the Mariners players. No argument here.

How to sum it all up? Considering that after this series, the Mariners head on a road trip to Cleveland, Toronto, New York and Detroit, things aren’t looking so good for those gutty little Mariners, who had truly been putting a scare into the Angels.

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