Playoff ticket alert

So you didn’t win that $330 million Mega Millions lotter draw the other night? Not to worry. The Angels will offer you better odds. Maybe not a better prize but better odds. That’s right, the Angels are going to an online lottery to determine who gets playoff tickets. There will be no camping out at the ballpark, no lining up around the block and no hopless dialing to get into the TicketMaster system once the clock strikes that magic hour when tickets go on sale.

Here’s how it works: Registration for the lottery will begin Wednesday (Sept. 5). Fans must go to to register. There will be a limit of one entery per household. The one-time registration process will count for all three potential playoff series (ALDS, ALCS, World Series). Winners get to purchase up to four tickets for the round they were selected.

In order to be eligible for all three rounds, registration must be completed by Sept. 14. If you can’t make that deadline, and the Angels advance, the next deadline is noon on Sept. 24 for the ALCS and World Series. If that deadline is missed and the Angels make the World Series, the next deadline is noon on Oct. 5.

The official lottery rules are supposed to be available at, but I just did a quick check and couldn’t find a thing. Maybe it will be posted later. Good luck.

UPDATE: The registration portion of the Angels website now is available. Click here.

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