Spring all over again

The last week has had a spring training feel about it with starting lineup changes and pitchers who have been getting a token inning of work here and there. John Lackey threw just 74 pitches Friday night even though he was dominating against the A’s. Manager Mike Scioscia admitted Saturday that he has been transported back to Tempe, Ariz.

“Yeah it’s almost like the end of spring a little bit where you’re trying to make sure you’re prepared for a bigger challenge,” he said. “I think as important as it is to go out there and play baseball and keep that edge, it’s equally important to make sure there is a little work schedule where you are sure your bullpen will be sharp and fresh. Your regulars, if they need to recharge they can recharge, and if they need at-bats get them at-bats. There is a balancing thing that’s going on.”

The Angels are still awaiting work on whether their ALDS series at Boston will start Wednesday or Thursday. No matter what happens with that, the team’s plan is to fly home from Oakland on Sunday night and have Monday off, although if the ALDS starts Wednesday, they will fly to Boston on Monday afternoon. If it starts Thursday, the plan is to work out at Angel Stadium on Tuesday morning and fly to Boston Tuesday evening.

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