Angels will win AL West in 08

Well, we meet again. Not since the day the Angels were eliminated from the 07 playoffs has there been an entry here, so we will change that. Let us begin things in 08 by saying that, unlike last season, the Angels will storm into the playoffs again as AL West champion.

The Angels, of course, did make the playoffs last season but they hardly stormed into Boston. Limped in was more like it. They were banged up, as was evident in Garret Anderson’s eye that was infected with pink eye. They also had nothing resembling a hot bat like they had at times during the season when guys like Anderson, Vladimir Guerrero, Chone Figgins, and even Reggie Willits stepped into the role of offensive catalyst for stretches.

The Angels and Seattle Mariners appear to be destined for another AL West battle ad maybe this time the Mariners won’t fold like a poseur holding a pair of 2s. The fact is, the Angels have too much pitching and too much firepower in the outfield not to hold off the Ms once again. Call the bullpens equal if you want you Mariners fans out there, but when it comes to the starters, there isn’t a fair fight. The Ms might want to rework that Erik Bedard deal any way they can.

On the infield and at catcher, the Mariners could have an edge, but overall this matchup leans the Angels way. This all assumes everybody stays relatively healthy, of course, which gives this prediction a little out clause.

Don’t agree with one man’s take? Well, let’s hear about it. Think the Mariners, the Texas Rangers or the (cough) Oakland A’s will win the West? Tell us why.

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