Slides and slide rules

The Angels are going back to school. It seems that a failing grade John Lackey received in his last semester of junior college has mushroomed into an all-out math war in the Angels clubhouse. The story goes like this:

Lackey had to take a college algebra final exam about five days after he was drafted as the first player selected in the second round by the Angels in 1999. Lackey was a no-show for the exam and recieved an “F” from his teacher at Grayson County College in Texas. By the way, Lackey’s report card, which has been posted on the wall in the clubhouse this spring, shows that he did earn an “A” grade in Baseball, Coaching Athletics and some subject called Country, Pop and Rock.

Fast forward to the present day. In Monday’s pre-workout meeting (the meeting often is used to get the day off to a lighthearted start), two members of the Arizona State academic staff brought their school’s sophomore algebra exam to the Angels clubhouse. But instead of only putting Lackey on the spot, a challenge ensued. It seems that an algebra challenge will take place pitting the University of Minnesota (represented by Robb Quinlan), the University of Oaklahoma (Reggie Willits), a group of Florida players (that include Jeff Mathis and Mike Napoli), and Lackey. Their grades on the test will be compared to each other.

ASU students are supposed to take the test in 30 minutes, but manager Mike Scioscia is going to allow his players to take the test in an hour. The tests are to be turned in tomorrow with the grades to come.

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