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Clay Fowler is a Dallas native, graduated from the University of Texas and worked in Central Texas for two years before joining the Daily Bulletin staff in 2006.

It’s easy to guess who left the Angels with a void in their leadership

There was a voice noticeably missing from the Angels’ team meeting Monday following a series sweep by the cellar-dwelling Astros.

Though he is busy hitting over .300 in Detroit, Torii Hunter’s was the first name mentioned by Mark Trumbo, who said several players and coaches spoke during the closed-door meeting.

“The obvious would be that Torii isn’t here,” Trumbo said. “Nobody’s going to replace Torii. Obviously he was a true class act and a great leader. We have quite a few guys that stepped in and filled the void as best they can in their own way. We could go around the room but I think there’s some obvious choices in Albert (Pujols), Josh (Hamilton), Jered (Weaver), C.J. (Wilson) and Scott Downs, guys who have been around a while.”

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Callaspo: ‘Sometimes you have to make errors… got to forget and move on’

If once is a fluke and twice is coincidence, four errors in three games is a trend at the very least. If not for Brendan Harris’ nimble feet, Alberto Callaspo may have committed five since Sunday, more than a third of the Angels third baseman’s total last season.

Thanks to Harris not only leaping to snare a high throw, but skillfully landing on first base in the eighth inning of Monday’s 2-1 loss to the Houston Astros, Callaspo avoided his second consecutive two-error game. Since committing two throwing errors in a 5-4 loss to the Astros on Sunday, Callaspo committed one each Monday and Tuesday.

The latest was the first fielding error of the bunch and the most costly on the scoreboard. The ball slipped out of Callaspo’s glove as he made the transfer following a slow-rolling ground ball, costing the Angels a pair of unearned runs in the third inning of Tuesday’s series opener with the Chicago Cubs.

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