How to block reality everyday.

I dont pretend to be an anime expert and feel free to stone me if I try to come off as one. Im just a fan with very strong opinions.

Aaah the joy of watching anime while nibbling on chocolate Pocky or hotcake-flavored Pretz. But happiness is a fleeting thing especially when the show turns out to be a dud. But since Im a cheapskate, I watch the show to the bitter end because I already spent money to rent the sucker in the first place. And believe me, I have seen a lot of anime I wouldnt inflict on the people I detest.

My taste in anime is pretty eclectic. It ranges from shows targeted for girls like Boys Over Flowers where love triangles and three-hanky moments abound to anime geared for boys like Naruto where the hero runs around fighting injustice with his latest technique.

I also love shows that are bizarre, artsy, complex or feature quirky characters. So these are the types of anime I will be reviewing. I admit, I do have a guilty pleasure list which includes anime that require only two brain cells to watch.

Sorry folks but you will seldom, if ever, read any reviews of mecha or harem anime here.

I dont like anime about giant robots since Ive seen too many of these in my childhood to last me a lifetime.
I also turn up my nose at what fans call harem anime which feature one guy living/working/interacting with a bunch of girls. Why do each of the girls represent a cliche character like the brainless beauty with large bosoms? And why are the female characters often put into situations where they end up inadvertently showing their underwear? One word. Fanservice. And since I am not a teenaged boy with raging hormones, such shows do not interest me. (Sniffs haughtily then hides from angry harem anime fans.)

Rejoice fellow “Beach” fans. Bleach anime finally comes to American shores. I saw a promo on Cartoon Network that says the show will debut there Sept. 9. I was so overcome, I needed a moment to compose myself. (Just kidding.) Oh okay, I squealed like a little girl. I’m just hoping the English dub doesn’t suck.

Im assuming that like me, many U.S. fans have been following the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki via the manga or via fan-translated copies of episodes that aired in Japan. Yes, I know fansubs are controversial and this is not the blog entry where I will yak about that. Lets just say for now that I dont download fansubs. I rent them from a store which angers some fans since fansubs are supposed to be free. But when a show I like gets licensed, I rent or buy the official DVDs.

Anyway, back to Bleach. Ichigo is a high school student who can see spirits and lives with his widowed father and two younger sisters in a nondescript town. His life changes when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami from Soul Society. I won’t tell you anything more of the story. Let’s just say Ichigo ends up helping Rukia somehow and he gets to carry a sword.

It has sword fights, interesting characters and a nice soundtrack. I hope they keep the original beginning and ending songs which they didn’t with “Naruto”. “Bleach” rocks! Ahem. I mean, I recommend it a lot.

– Ruby G.

2 thoughts on “How to block reality everyday.

  1. Bleach rules, i like the soundtrack by d-technolife.
    there is nothing wrong with mechas!!!

    Of course not. I’ve just seen waaay too many of them already. There was Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Grandizer and many more of the old school mecha.One could say I overdosed on this type of anime at a young age.
    – Ruby G.

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