Still dizzy from Noein

The story revolves around a twelve-year old girl named Haruka and her friend Yuu who one day meet a member of the Dragon Calvary named Karasu.

Karasu is the all around though guy with tremendous battle prowess, brave as lion, quiet as a mouse, and to top it all off, undying love for Haruka (you will find out why later).

Karasu has been sent from 15 years into the future, through time and space by the dimension of Lacryma, which is in fierce battle with the dimension Shangri-LA, to find the Dragon Torque, a powerful yet mysterious object that could save humanity.

As the story evolves more characters are introduced but not too many that you cant keep track of them all. Especially because some of them are the same person, just in a different dimension.

The real headache starts when the dimensions start to converge and the computer wiz character known as Toby attempts to explain the problem using real quantum physics lingo. Call your physics professor, get a dictionary, and be prepared to hit the rewind button more than once if you really want to get the hang of whats going on. I say if because, although it was interesting to me, it is not crucial to understand it all. All you need to know is this: one dimension alone = good, two dimensions mixing = bad, very bad.

Although the story in this series flows very nice, it isnt all perfect. My main issue is the source of Harukas power. She can travel through time almost at will by virtue of the Dragon Torque that is herself? Or is it the necklace that appears and disappears whenever she uses her power? I just dont know, and there is no explanation given.

Also I was very distracted and even annoyed by some of the characters. Yuu, for example does nothing but whine about how he cant do anything at all! It isnt until the very last episode that he finally shows some traces of courage which Karasu (who is Yuu from the future) if so full of. Some of Harukas friends I could have also done without as they do nothing to move the story along, and if the intent was comic relief, they missed their mark as well.

So, unless you want to increase your vocabulary with words youll only use while having a casual chat with Stephen Hawkins about the latest news in Theoretical Physics, I would suggest you skip this one and catch up on all those Naruto episodes you havent watched yet.

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