The grim future

Here’s something for the science fiction crowd. Geneon will release the first volume of “Ergo Proxy” on Nov. 21 which contains episodes one to four.

Geneon was promoting the show to the anime crowd this summer at the Anime Expo in Anaheim and even had a model dressed as the lead character. If you saw her, she was the one in the black-and-brown semi-leather outfit posing with a futuristic weapon.

I first heard about “Ergo Proxy” earlier this year from a friend who raved about it. So I watched the first four episodes and wasn’t interested enough to rent the rest.

The character designs and the backgrounds are done well although I don’t understand why the lead character, Re-l Mayer, wears makeup that makes her look like a raccoon. My friend insists the show is deep because it has a lot of references to the work of a famous science fiction author and a philosopher.

The story takes place in Romdeau, a future domed utopia of sorts where robots and humans live and work together. The head of the government keeps a close eye on everything and he answers to a group that is the actual power behind the throne.

But there are cracks in this society. The powers-that-be fear the awakening of something. Re-l Mayer is a detective from the Civilian Intelligence Office called in to investigate a murder. At her apartment, she is attacked by a deformed entity that is powerful. A second figure appears in the apartment and I guess saves her because our heroine survives.

The viewer is also introduced to a low-level citizen of Romdeau who gets tangled in these events and ends up outside the domed city. There is life outside Romdeau but you won’t get to see that in episodes one to four. There’s a lot of hinting in these episodes and if you don’t buy the premise of the show, you won’t stick around long enough to see what all the mystery was about.

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