Have Pocky will travel

Aaah Pocky. The requisite anime snack. Featured in many anime shows as well. Comes in different flavors and readily available at Asian markets. I even saw some at Walmart. Granted they only had the strawberry kind. The price for Pocky ranges with the fancier kinds going for as much as $3 a box. I had a caramel/chocolate version that looked like it was decorated by some fancy schmancy pastry chef.

I like the chocolate mousse Pocky the best. My mother has seen fit to swipe the chocolate almond Pocky from my fridge a lot. Grrrr. The coconut is disgusting though since the coconut is dessicated.

Personally I prefer Pretz, another cracker stick snack from the Land of the Rising Sun. Like Pocky it comes in a slew of flavors including the savory types. I’ve tried mustard, hotcake, Hokkaido Butter, cocoa, pizza, cheese and roast. My favorite is the hotcake version which sorta tastes like it was dipped in syrup and butter. My family and friends think I’m too far gone on the whackaloon scale to care and have resigned themselves to seeing me wave the latest flavor in their faces.

I saw the “roast” version two weeks ago and it was on sale so I bought it. I have no idea why they called it roast flavor because it didn’t taste like any roasted meat, fruit or vegetable I ever ate. It was like a cracker stick with some unknown flavoring. (shudder). I’m not too jazzed on trying the tomato version either.

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