Bad blood

So I borrowed the first four episodes of a series called, “Black Blood Brothers” and wished I underwent root canal instead. It takes talent to turn out anime this lame. OK I’ll be nice and call it mediocre.
We see a ruined city and vampires attacking people. Then a brooding guy in a red outfit and cape asks his young boss to lift the barrier around their building and he wipes off the attacking horde with his silver sword. Turns out he’s a vampire of the old blood and the undead he annihilated were a parasitic type of vampire called the Kowloon Children.

The bad guys were helped by a lady vampire who had some ties to Mochizuki Kojiro – the guy in the red outfit. And we get a hint that the lady vampire betrayed Kojiro and his yet unnamed blonde love interest. His lady love has gone the way of the Dodo bird too.

Years later, Kojiro and his younger brother, Kotaro, return to Japan to seek the safety of the Special Zone where certain vampires live under the auspices of humans. Kowloon Children aren’t allowed into the Special Zone unless invited by a human. The brothers are stow aways on a ship that becomes a battleground between armed human special forces and a group of vampires trying to sneak into the Special Zone.

Of course our hero and his brother get dragged into this mess. The brothers, who are from an old line of vampires, run into a human whose job is to be a liaison of sorts between the red bloods (humans) and black bloods (vampires). Oh yeah, there’s also a group of brothers who have aligned themselves with the vampire lady we met in the first episode. And it looks like they’re up to no good, turning people into crazed vampires.

Kotaro gets kidnapped by a group of Kowloon Children vampires so his big brother takes out his trusty sword and goes off to rescue him. I have no idea what happened afterward since I didn’t borrow the next episode. The show just didn’t interest me enough.

There are better vampire shows out there. Go watch “Hellsing” instead or “Vampire Princess Miyu” (OVAs only) or even “Lunar Legend Tsukihime.” Pass on this one.

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