Being a four-footed deity

I haven’t watched any new anime episodes lately since I’ve been tied up playing, “Okami”, a game that was such a huge hit in Japan. It rocks! I’m not even finished playing it.

Since I didn’t have $600 for the new Playstation 3, I bought a Playstation 2 instead. My old one was broken when a relative dropped it last summer. May he be hurled to one of the Buddhist hells where a demon will poke him in the ribs with sharp broken bits of PS2 or force him to play a game where he has to start all the way at the beginning if his character dies.

Anyway, back to “Okami.” You play Amaterasu, the sun goddess, except you are in the form of a wolf or okami. You can’t talk and a traveling artist the size of a bug tags along with you as a sidekick. You wield the Celestial Brush and learn different brush techniques that revive the cursed land, defeat foes plus solve the problems of man and beast in Nippon. In return, they give you praise, money and bottles of ink. Rack up the praise because you become a more powerful deity that way.

The game looks like an old Japanese painting. Animals, people and backgounds seem to be drawn by a brush. You gotta see it for yourself.

I’m midway through the game. Once I’m done with “Okami”, I’ll finish the first “Full Metal Alchemist” game where my character can transmute things into weapons. “Full Metal Alchemist” is one of the better animes out there by the way. But I’ll talk about that later. Have to be a four-footed deity right now and beat some nefarious imps.

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