Losing one’s cool in LA

I don’t like driving to LA and I especially loathe driving in downtown LA. The one-way streets, the seeming never-ending constructions, drivers who won’t let you change lanes, the parking and the traffic! So I usually take the Metrolink if and when I need to be there.

However, I missed the train by five minutes and the next one wouldn’t arrive until an hour and a half after my appointment. So I drove instead. I should have just called it a day.

The only silver lining to my day was finding parking in Little Tokyo where I later hoped to scout around for new and interesting Pocky and Pretz flavors. I found something called Pretz Salad and an unnamed flavor that had a chicken cartoon on the box. I assumed it was chicken-flavored but I haven’t eaten it yet. The Salad Pretz tasted like a seasoned crouton. Or at least it did as I tensely gripped my steering wheel on the slow drive home.

I had never been so happy to see suburbia. I cheered up considerably after I watched the latest episodes of “Death Note” and “D. Grayman.” I’m beginning to actually like the latter and the episode involving the singing doll was so sad, I had to sniffle. Tissue break!

Anyway, the second season of Hell Girl called “Jigoku Shoujo Futakamori” wasn’t too shabby. Ai’s crew gets a little more air time and the first three episodes were solid. The people who got hauled off to hell deserved it.

Latched onto a new series called “Kekkaishi.” Actually I heard about this from another blogger and was elated when I saw fansubs on the show. The character designs aren’t that great though. The hero looked cuter as a child.

In a nutshell, two families who claim to be the rightful heir to a man who was a famous monster killer are still continuing the family business today. The son and the daughter of each house work at night eliminating the monsters that get attracted to the school campus. The grounds used to belong to a family who attracted monsters/spirits.

So far, it’s entertaining although the humor can be corny at times. And anything that prevents me from reliving my recent trip to LA is welcome fare right now.

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