Of addictions and obsessions

Hello. My name is Ruby and I’m an anime/manga addict. I think Pocky and Pretz need to be a food group and Jrock needs to be played on everyone’s car stereos.

If this was rehab, this is the part where the other addicts welcome me into the circle then reassure me with Pocky or free viewings of my favorite anime.

I knew I had it bad when the highlight of one day was finding out that the latest fansubs for “Ouran”, “xxxholic “and “Blood+” were in and I was able to show up at the store six minutes before it closed. And the cherry on this sundae was the knowledge that they got the earlier volumes of Ouran on the shelf! Geez

And that was just last year. Right now, I’m mulling over legal ways to get my hands on the latest episode of “D.Gray-man” because some thoughtless, heartless fiend borrowed the store’s only copy and spent the entire holiday weekend hogging it. A pox on your house, sir. A pox on your house!

I once saw a bag that had, “Anime. Crack is cheaper.” on the front. Too true. I wanted that bag but never saw it again. Grrr.

I didn’t watch the parade this year. Had no wish to. Once was enough for me even though I am a “Star Wars” fan. But I do not consider myself part of the hard core faithful.

Now if the Tournament of Roses folks were holding free anime showings, I might reconsider and camp out on the sidewalk. Anime is another matter.

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