Confession is good for the soul

OK I confess. I haven’t seen a “Naruto” episode since last fall. I just couldn’t take watching episodes that had nothing to do with the main story arc anymore. The last show I saw was episode 145. But my brother said they made Naruto older now and the real storyline picks up soon. Yeah yeah. Heard that before.

I also stopped watching “Bleach” after episode 80 because it became such a chore to sit through the story arc featuring the Bounto. But the Bountos are finito so maybe I can see something good again. I might use a weekend to see the other episodes I missed – if I feel like it.

So there. I admit it. I am no longer the dedicated “Naruto” and “Bleach” fan that I was. Feel free to flog me with whatever magical girl wand you have lying around the house. I would even refrain from nibbling on Pocky for a week as penance.

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