News from the land of purple-haired school girls

Anime News Network, which I think is an essential source of anime info for every fan, is reporting that Viz Media will release “Death Note” on DVDs as well as have it available via digital downloads. No date yet when this will happen. Also no details on how this thing is supposed to work.

I guess the company is catering to fans like me who can’t wait to watch fansubs of the latest anime from Japan because we MUST see it now. Of course, when the official licensed versions come out on U.S. shores, I do rent or buy them.

According to ANN, fans will be able to download to own or download to rent soon after an episode is shown in Japan. It’s supposedly a first.

I highly recommend checking out Anime News Network for all things related to anime and manga. A friend asked recently what manga was. I guess you could roughly call it Japanese comic books.

Anyhoo, ANN is at

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