Dueling geeks

I wonder if I’m in competition with another anime geek who watches many of the same shows as I do. When I drop by the anime store, a lot of the fansubbed tapes I want seem to have been borrowed by this guy who has a bad habit of returning them late. Coincidence? I think not.

If this were one of those action shows geared for boys, we would be rivals. Hmm. Let’s call him Mr. Rival then.

This weekend I swung by the anime store and much to my surprise, all the latest episodes for “Bartender”, “Kekaishi”, “D. Gray-man”, “Death Note”, “Ghost Hunt” and “Saiunkoku Monogatari” were in. Of course I borrowed them all. Muwahahaha! Take that Mr. Rival, I thought. Actually I don’t think he watches “Bartender” or “Saiunkoku” but I digress.

Anyway, I think I celebrated way too early since one of the “Kekaishi” tapes was mislabeled and turned out to be this lame anime called, “Lovely Idol” about a bunch of girls who are Japanese pop stars. Oh the horror, the horror. I returned that tape post haste and got my $3 back.

Somewhere out there Mr. Rival is laughing his head off.

But unlike him, I am rarely late in returning tapes or DVDs. I can watch 24 episodes in one sitting if need be. (Of course my brother doesn’t think that’s something to be proud of especially when my eyes look bloodshot.) I know what it is to wait and wait and wait for the next episode of a show and I have no wish to put fellow fans through “anime withdrawal.” That’s just evil.

As for me, I spent a chunk of my weekend watching anime with snacks and volumes of manga next to me. Life was good. And how was your weekend?

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