Things that make you go hmm and then bang your head against the wall

One of the columnists at Anime News Network called Answerman featured a couple of letters last month from a male (I’m assuming a young man) who first asked if the writer had any tips on where he could learn Naruto’s rasengan move since he also harbors a fox spirit inside him. When the columnist featured his letter as a “flake of the week”, the person sent an angry letter and threatened Answerman. Check out his February columns.

I was on vacation when I read the columns and was surprised folks like this exist. I still am shocked. Apparently the term for these individuals is Otakukin which smooshes the term Otaku and Otherkin together. Otakukins are folks who think they were anime characters in a past life or possess the souls of people depicted in anime. Uh huh. OK calm down “Sailor Moon” or “Naruto” or whoever you are. Here’s a nice strait jacket.

Was Cleopatra already taken? How about being Cleopatra’s right hand maid? Or Mark Anthony’s second cousin on his mom’s side? Man has been on this planet how long? And the best thing you can come up with as a previous existence is a 2-dimensional character in a show that aired once a week in Japan?

Ok I shouldn’t mock these folks. But they are tempting me to. Bad Ruby. Bad.

But puhleez people, don’t get mad when the rest of us look at you askance. Your belief is hard to accept. Really.

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