A sudden bout of insanity

I’m usually a cheap person who blanches when my friends spend oodles of money on bags, clothes, shoes or jewelry. The most I ever spent on shoes was $48.95 and I nearly broke out in a fever when I forked over the money. But when it comes to my hobbies, I lose my head and start blowing money on items even if they only have a remote connection to my current obsession.
This long preamble is my pathetic excuse to explain away my latest purchase. While waiting for the tax guy to do my taxes this weekend, I wandered into a store specializing in cartoons. The store had a replica of Edward Elric’s pocket watch issued by the military to all state alchemists.

To you non-anime folks, Edward is one of the heroes in “Full Metal Alchemist” which I consider one of the great anime shows created recently. And here I was just looking for some keychains featuring a comic relief character from “Bleach.”

The sales gal said it was $50. I wavered for a bit (maybe five minutes) before I caved in and bought the watch. Sure, the watch runs a minute late than my wristwatch and could use some polishing but it’s perfect. Comes with two chains. I attached it to my black leather trenchcoat because my skirts don’t have pockets. I LOVE IT!

I asked a co-worker, Watchara, to take pictures since the ones I took turned out terrible. Another friend asked me if I was going to the anime convention in Long Beach this July. I’m not sure since I attended my first convention last year in Anaheim and got weirded out by the hordes of fans who came dressed as their favorite characters. That’s too much for me. Plus I also found no bargains among the anime DVDs and mangas for sale which disappointed me. If I do attend, the watch will come with me.

And that is how I waste my money. I’m such a sucker for anime merchandise. Now if I can just find that bag that has, “Anime. Crack is cheaper” on the front and my day will be complete.

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