Shoujo Attack: OMG Cute Boys!

My inner fangirl would like to show some more of the reasons why she likes “La Corda D’Oro”. Five reasons actually and they all wear pants. Sigh. Please excuse me while I throttle her into silence.

Here’s an animated music video created by Tsukimorifanatic and posted on YouTube. The song used is “Trouble with Boys” by Loreta.

Attention fangirls. Let the squealing commence. I will now die of embarassment.

2 thoughts on “Shoujo Attack: OMG Cute Boys!

  1. wow i also loved la corda d’oro…did you know there would be an ova

    to tell you the truth in all those 5 bishounen guys i vote for tsukimori len since he practically got the tsundere chracter i like!!!

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