Open. Open. Open.

Attention fellow geeks. The annual Anime Expo is upon us again.

Like the rest of the anime fandom this side of the western hemisphere, I and my hapless brother will spend our Saturday at the Anime Expo in Long Beach. Actually, I will be dragging his sorry carcass with me to the event. He’ll be the one kicking and screaming.

The expo’s opening was Friday but I had to work and missed the band contest.

This is my second convention and I only go for one day anyway. But this time I will do more than search for deals on anime, manga and bibelots from Japan. I’ll see what activities they’re doing this year. But I won’t be showing up in costume. No way, Jose.

Co-splaying is not my thing. I don’t feel comfortable dressing up as a character in an anime show or video game. It’s just too out there for me. Sorry.

Yes, my friends laugh at me for going to an anime event. The weasels. They better not borrow any DVDs or comics I snag at the convention. Sorry dudes. You snooze, you lose.

I’ll post pictures when I can.

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