Snack heaven

13565-cuttlefish.pretz.jpg I’m a sucker for Pretz, that other cracker stick snack from Japan. It’s one of the reasons why I will never let go my membership to the local Japanese supermarket near my house. That and this particular instant ramen that I fancy would pass muster with Naruto.
My favorite Pretz flavor is this hotcake version but I haven’t seen that in months and consoled myself with scarfing down the French Toast Pretz which sorta tastes like it. My brother likes the Corn Pretz which tastes somewhat like corn.

I found this new flavor two weeks ago which reminds me of the “Oishi” shrimp snacks of my youth in the Philippines. Oishi means good in Japanese. Or so I was told. Ya can’t miss this Pretz box. It features the photo of a cooked cuttlefish on the cover. Yum. I know some of my friends are too delicate for that. Whatever.

Down on my list are the Roast, Salad, Tomato, Cheese, Hokkaido butter and Fruit pretz. I mean, what roast are we talking about here? Roasted anime sidekick? Roasted vegetable? It tastes like nothing roasted to me. And this salad abomination is better off being a crouton. The cheese is just too salty, the butter too bleah and the tomato not worth writing home about.

The so-called Fruit Pretz is thicker than regular Pretz crackers and tastes as if a puree of fruit was made into a crunchy snack. Not really my thing since I don’t recognize what fruit it’s supposed to be. Yeah, yeah I see grape, apple and fig on the cover. But to me, it doesn’t taste like any of these fruits.

But I really like that Pretz and Pocky come in a variety of flavors. It just means a no-carb diet is out of my reach in this lifetime. I can never be a size zero gal ever. Boo hoo.

So pardon me skinny ladies while I tear open another box of Pretz.

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