God of War. Enough said.

This is the reason I haven’t been sleeping much lately or why I’ve given short shrift to anime this week. My younger cousin was so into this game when it first came out and one of my guy friends was so wowed by the sequel, he bought this game. So what am I babbling about?

“God of War” of course which is a very bloody tale of one man’s tragic dealings with certain Greek gods. You play Kratos, this buffed former Spartan captain who went into the service of Ares and lived to regret it.

I love games where I wield powerful weapons, attack evil monsters and solve puzzles. I loathe saving damsels in distress though. I figure they need to save themselves.

Anyway this game ROCKS. The photo is courtesy of someone nice enough to post pictures of the game online. I’m just borrowing it. Thank you kindly sir or madam.

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