xxxHolic: Time Witches and Inevitability

I am happy to anounce that there will be a second season of “Sayonara Despair Teacher”, “Kekkaishi”, “D.Grayman” and “xxxHolic”. The latter refers to the adventures (he would say misadventures) of orphan Kimihiro Watanuki when he meets with the time witch Yuuko.

Watanuki can see spirits and they like to chase him around. Seems he’s downright delectable to the denizens of the spirit realm. He is working as the housekeeper/cook/gofer/etc. at Yuuko’s shop in order to earn enough credit to get his wish. Yuuko grants wishes for a price.

The show is ugly at times because what looks elegant on paper (the elongated style of the drawings) doesn’t translate that well to animation. But the characters’ quirks came through loud and clear though.

Here’s the opening song of the first season courtesy of a fan who posted it on YouTube.

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