Slashing bad anime for the greater good

There are many good anime shows that entertain as well as make you think. In the same token, there are scads of anime series and OVAs that need to be buried deep, deep under a landfill.

Part of the reason I started this blog a little over a year ago was to show folks that there is more to anime than
what the mainstream media has portrayed over the years. Anime fans also come in all shapes and sizes. We are not all geeky 13-year-olds who can’t get a date or 20-something slackers living in our parents’ basements.

And we don’t just watch a stream of cute blue-haired girls who transform magically into costumed heroines in order to save the world with the help of pals. There are many genres of anime done in different styles and tackling a wide range of subject matter.

I blog about shows I think are excellent and those not worth the ink used on the cells. Yep, I gush over the ones I like and rip the terrible animes that I see.

Let me introduce my online alter ego, “Ronin Ruby”, which I choose to slap on this blog instead of my mug. My pal Manny created her for me. She skewers animators who turn out cruddy products and slashes anime shows she deems not worthy. Of course I don’t expect people to like what I favor. Everything here is just my opinion.

Why ronin? I picked the term because it refers to a masterless samurai. I have no master who tells me or pays me to like certain anime shows. So I thought the name fits.

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