And you think your teenage years sucked

I found the opening song on YouTube to “Scrapped Princess” which has been licensed and is readily available in the U.S. Sorry forgot the name of the YouTuber who put it up there. But many thanks to this person.

“Scrapped Princess” is one of the more interesting and moving fantasy animes I’ve seen. The title refers to 15-year-old Pacifica Casull, the youngest in a family of three. But there’s a reason why Pacifica doesn’t resemble her older brother, Shannon, who is a skilled swordsman or her older sister, Raquel, who is a powerful magician.

The blonde-haired blue-eyed Pacifica was adopted. To be more precise, she was hurled from a cliff as a baby by a knight and saved by the Casulls.

Ya see, Pacifica is the daughter of the King and Queen of Leinwan. But while her fraternal twin brother was kept in the family, her father ordered her killed because of a prophecy that said she would destroy the land once she turns 16. The prophecy referred to her as “the poison that will destroy the world.”

And some teens think they have it rough.

Pacifica remained safe among the Casulls because people thought the “Scrapped Princess” died as a baby. When it came out that the “Scrapped Princess” could be alive, the hunt was on. Pacifica’s foster father was killed and she fled with her foster siblings who would die to protect her. The love between the siblings is a major theme of the series and leads to many a heart wrenching moment. But just when you think you’ve figured out the show, a major plot twist surfaces.

I won’t say what it is. That would be cheating you of the pleasure of watching the series. Suffice it to say that things are not what they seem and the competing religions of Mauser and Browning has ties to an intergalactic war between humans and aliens.

Pacifica cannot wield a sword like Shannon or do magic like Raquel. It isn’t until midway through the series do we get a hint that she harbors something powerful inside. She is a sweet girl who acts like a brat sometimes but genuinely cares about people. She feels guilty for being the “Scrapped Princess” because people are getting hurt and killed during the hunt to find and wipe her out.

One thing I didn’t like about the show was the way the female characters were drawn. Why oh why do they all look like they got breast implants? Some were so top-heavy, I’m surprised they didn’t topple over. I’m sure fanservice was the only reason for such a sexist move.

Old School Mecha

I found this on YouTube courtesy of andylau12345. Thanks dude. Hearing the “Voltes V” theme song brings back fond memories of watching mecha anime while I was growing up in the ’70s and early ’80s in the Philippines.

There were so many robot shows then, it seemed there was one mecha show every day. There was “Mazinger Z” with its weird villains and “Daimos” with its Richard/Erika love story. But “Voltes V” was my favorite with its tale of orphaned brothers and longing for a missing/dead father. Plus Voltes V usually dispatched the enemies by carving a V in their bodies with a sword. I always thought he did that to make sure the baddies knew who crushed them. That’s “V” for Mr. Voltes V. And don’t you forget it!

Of course even then I wondered why the evil guys never attacked the heroes as the robot was transforming. It seemed to me the best time to attack since the robot would be at its weakest. But why ask why.

The only other non-robot show I watched faithfully then was “Candy Candy” which dealt with the Cinderella-like life of one orphan girl. I was 9 when I saw the episode where Anthony, her first love, died in a riding accident or something like that. I bawled for an hour then memorized the sappy ending song. I remember sniffling again when I sang the song afterward. Hey, I was young and easily moved then.

Cool opening song to a sometimes high falutin show

Here’s the opening song to “Ghost Hound” which hands down wins the award for best production values out of the slew of anime shows aired in Japan this fall. Thanks to a YouTuber by the name of “explodedrunes”, I am able to show you the quality of the animation used for the series.

For some weird reason, I feel the need to dress all in black and snap my fingers a la Beatnik whenever I hear this song. I also dig the two-toned ghostly cat that passes by the hero. Cool.

Although the series makes me want to scratch my head sometimes with its talk about the subconscious, out of body experiences and the mysteries of the human mind. I don’t remember signing up for a psych class when I opted to watch this show.

The anime deprived

My computer won’t restart so I have no access to the anime files it carries. I have seen all the anime DVDs and tapes in my room already. I care not for the anime being shown on television because they are either re-runs or these are the shows I detest. Plus I am tied up with work so I cannot go to the anime store this week to borrow new DVDs.

Aaaargh! And double aargh! Fate is too cruel.

It’s only been a day and I am already moping. No anime means I can sleep early. Or heaven forbid, actually watch a tv show that doesn’t have the words “CSI”, “Law and Order” or “Cold Case” as part of its title. Hmm “Gossip Girl”, what’s that? Is that a show about some entertainment columnist or a neighborhood tattler?

Guess I can always go back to my old reliable standby – books.