Snack break


Hmmm the local Asian supermarkets don’t carry the Pretz flavors I like anymore so I’ve been reduced to roaming the aisles looking for other snacks to nosh while watching anime. I must say the search has been a bust.

Wheat rolls and glutinous rice filled with too-sweet bean paste send my blood sugar spiraling skyward. Uh, don’t tell my doctor. The yogurt jelly with fruit had an odd aftertaste. Don’t get me started on the crab chips with a hint of vinegar or the potato chips with seaweed flakes. Bleah.

What I really crave is the flat version of Pretz, those cracker stick snacks from the Land of the Rising Sun. The only flavor of the flat version I could find recently was the melon bread kind. And I’m not a big fan of melon bread because it doesn’t really taste of melon to me and the bread is too sticky.

The Pretz Melon was ok and sorta tasted of melon. But it didn’t hit the spot. Whatever happened to the Cuttlefish or French Toast version of Pretz? Who eats the Tomato Pretz, I’d like to know since the store had boxes and boxes of this abomination.

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