Of school girls and dog-eared demons

So I’ve been watching “Inuyasha the Final Act” on hulu.com and I must say the producers are keeping everything on a brisk pace.

There’s only been six episodes so far but three of Naraku’s incarnations have already bit the dust plus Inuyasha’s sword can now absorb demon powers and cut a demon vortex. For those who don’t know the show, it’s about a half-dog demon, half-human character and his friends who are on a mission to kill another half-demon, Naraku, and stop him from completing the so-called Jewel of Four Souls which he plans to use to make himself a full demon.

This series picks up where “Inuyasha” left viewers dangling a couple of years ago and promises to finish it. Let’s just hope they do and not give us any filler episodes.

It uses the same Japanese voice actors and the same animation studio so watching the new series is like settling in on a familiar armchair. I have heard complaints about the quality of the animation from some viewers but I think the show looks fine.