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Sorry for the long silence. Unfortunately, real life interrupted my anime viewing.

Sad to say but “Inuyasha – The Final Act” ended March 29. Now this fangirl is on the lookout for something new to watch Monday nights. Alas no more Kagome yelling for Inuyasha “to sit”, no more Miroku getting thwacked by Sango for his lecherous ways and most of all, no more Sesshomaru threatening to eradicate his enemies in a cool yet deadly voice.

The series was fateful to the manga for the most part and gave fans the ending they deserved. But don’t expect to see all the extra characters from the manga’s final volumes. The show is a pretty streamlined version of the manga.

The show did toss in a couple of extras in the end like what happened to Kouga afterward since Ayame is an anime-only character.

If you want to watch the episodes, go to

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