Snack break


Hmmm the local Asian supermarkets don’t carry the Pretz flavors I like anymore so I’ve been reduced to roaming the aisles looking for other snacks to nosh while watching anime. I must say the search has been a bust.

Wheat rolls and glutinous rice filled with too-sweet bean paste send my blood sugar spiraling skyward. Uh, don’t tell my doctor. The yogurt jelly with fruit had an odd aftertaste. Don’t get me started on the crab chips with a hint of vinegar or the potato chips with seaweed flakes. Bleah.

What I really crave is the flat version of Pretz, those cracker stick snacks from the Land of the Rising Sun. The only flavor of the flat version I could find recently was the melon bread kind. And I’m not a big fan of melon bread because it doesn’t really taste of melon to me and the bread is too sticky.

The Pretz Melon was ok and sorta tasted of melon. But it didn’t hit the spot. Whatever happened to the Cuttlefish or French Toast version of Pretz? Who eats the Tomato Pretz, I’d like to know since the store had boxes and boxes of this abomination.

Snack heaven

13565-cuttlefish.pretz.jpg I’m a sucker for Pretz, that other cracker stick snack from Japan. It’s one of the reasons why I will never let go my membership to the local Japanese supermarket near my house. That and this particular instant ramen that I fancy would pass muster with Naruto.
My favorite Pretz flavor is this hotcake version but I haven’t seen that in months and consoled myself with scarfing down the French Toast Pretz which sorta tastes like it. My brother likes the Corn Pretz which tastes somewhat like corn.

I found this new flavor two weeks ago which reminds me of the “Oishi” shrimp snacks of my youth in the Philippines. Oishi means good in Japanese. Or so I was told. Ya can’t miss this Pretz box. It features the photo of a cooked cuttlefish on the cover. Yum. I know some of my friends are too delicate for that. Whatever.

Down on my list are the Roast, Salad, Tomato, Cheese, Hokkaido butter and Fruit pretz. I mean, what roast are we talking about here? Roasted anime sidekick? Roasted vegetable? It tastes like nothing roasted to me. And this salad abomination is better off being a crouton. The cheese is just too salty, the butter too bleah and the tomato not worth writing home about.

The so-called Fruit Pretz is thicker than regular Pretz crackers and tastes as if a puree of fruit was made into a crunchy snack. Not really my thing since I don’t recognize what fruit it’s supposed to be. Yeah, yeah I see grape, apple and fig on the cover. But to me, it doesn’t taste like any of these fruits.

But I really like that Pretz and Pocky come in a variety of flavors. It just means a no-carb diet is out of my reach in this lifetime. I can never be a size zero gal ever. Boo hoo.

So pardon me skinny ladies while I tear open another box of Pretz.

Have Pocky will travel

Aaah Pocky. The requisite anime snack. Featured in many anime shows as well. Comes in different flavors and readily available at Asian markets. I even saw some at Walmart. Granted they only had the strawberry kind. The price for Pocky ranges with the fancier kinds going for as much as $3 a box. I had a caramel/chocolate version that looked like it was decorated by some fancy schmancy pastry chef.

I like the chocolate mousse Pocky the best. My mother has seen fit to swipe the chocolate almond Pocky from my fridge a lot. Grrrr. The coconut is disgusting though since the coconut is dessicated.

Personally I prefer Pretz, another cracker stick snack from the Land of the Rising Sun. Like Pocky it comes in a slew of flavors including the savory types. I’ve tried mustard, hotcake, Hokkaido Butter, cocoa, pizza, cheese and roast. My favorite is the hotcake version which sorta tastes like it was dipped in syrup and butter. My family and friends think I’m too far gone on the whackaloon scale to care and have resigned themselves to seeing me wave the latest flavor in their faces.

I saw the “roast” version two weeks ago and it was on sale so I bought it. I have no idea why they called it roast flavor because it didn’t taste like any roasted meat, fruit or vegetable I ever ate. It was like a cracker stick with some unknown flavoring. (shudder). I’m not too jazzed on trying the tomato version either.