A brief but magical life


In anime, the guy sometimes doesn’t get the girl in the end and not everyone lives happily ever after. People get hurt or abandoned. Love doesn’t conquer all. The hero dies. Some series end like it was just another day in the life of the characters.

When I was young I favored shows that had a happy outcome or at least promised some sort of happiness in the future for the protagonist. I’m not a kid anymore.

Life can be tragic, brief yet still beautiful.

“Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora” or as Wikipedia translates it “Things That are Precious to a Mage: Summer Skies” was one of two series shown in Japan this summer which caught my interest.

The animation is done in an unusual way as you can see from the three scenes I included here. It’s as if someone drew on photographs. The characters are simply drawn but they move in a world that looks very realistic.

The short series focuses on Sora, a teen living in a small town who gets accepted to a summer internship program in Tokyo. She is a mage since her late father was also a magic user. Mages are part of this world. They get trained by the Bureau of Magic which sends them out to fulfill requests by ordinary folks.

This is not a world like Harry Potter’s so don’t expect to be awed by the effects or requests. It’s all quite boring actually. Kinda like having the city repair the pothole in front of your house except the workers use magic to do it.

Sora is a country gal awed by the big city. One can imagine she’d be easy prey for any grifter. But she has plenty of magic powers and tries her best to make sure the clients are satisified with the job she’s done.

She befriends several people from the program which include Gota, a teen who didn’t realize he had magic powers until his father admitted he gave up being a mage. His mother left saying she could not live with a liar and Gota was thrust into a world he knew nothing about. His magical abilities seem close to nil until Sora helps him out.

They also fall in love but Sora carries a secret.


She is dying which explains the sometimes extreme reaction she has when she feels she has failed or not lived up to the client’s request.

Sora graduates with the rest of her class, returns home to Biel and dies after she fulfills a promise she made to her dead father.

Gota finally visits her town years later wearing as a necklace the stone Sora gave him. The viewer is shown how the others have fared as well.

Some folks might just groan at this series and find something else packed with action or fanservice. Consider the show a snapshot into a girl’s short but memorable life. Sora made her brief existence count by helping others or making them happy, For her, it was enough.

Cool opening song to a sometimes high falutin show

Here’s the opening song to “Ghost Hound” which hands down wins the award for best production values out of the slew of anime shows aired in Japan this fall. Thanks to a YouTuber by the name of “explodedrunes”, I am able to show you the quality of the animation used for the series.

For some weird reason, I feel the need to dress all in black and snap my fingers a la Beatnik whenever I hear this song. I also dig the two-toned ghostly cat that passes by the hero. Cool.

Although the series makes me want to scratch my head sometimes with its talk about the subconscious, out of body experiences and the mysteries of the human mind. I don’t remember signing up for a psych class when I opted to watch this show.