Snapshots of a furry charmed life


While taking a stroll with her mama and two siblings one day, a gray-and-white kitten is distracted for a moment and gets left behind. Lost and alone, the despairing furball is found by a little boy named Youhei and his mother.

They take in the kitten while Youhei’s parents try to find someone who would adopt the cat. Their apartment complex doesn’t allow pets so keeping the kitten is out of the question. Or so they thought.

The kitten starts answering whenever someone in the apartment says, “Chi.” Apparently “chi” means pee in Japanese. Or so the subtitles explain in the fansubbed version I watched.

Cute, isn’t it? And so is this show.

“Chi’s Sweet Home” doesn’t aspire to be anything more than it is which is just fine. The show is supposed to be cute and harmless much like its heroine. I don’t think an episode lasts more than several minutes. I didn’t time it so don’t hold me to that,

There are no dramas, no emo moments and no sudden revelations like Chi is really a puppy in disguise. The character designs are simple and the opening song is Chi singing about her happy life which consists of being petted, fed, playing around and sleeping.

Some folks might think Chi is enough to induce tooth decay. Well, if you’re not in the mood for a simple tale about a cat’s life then move along, move along. Nothing for you to see here.