Attention fellow geeks!


A swarm of anime and manga fans are expected to show up this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center which is the site of Anime Expo 2008.

The expo runs from July 3 to 6. It’s the annual event where geeks like myself can indulge their hankering for anything anime-related. And yes, I have left with a lighter wallet the past two years I’ve attended.

Cosplayers or the fans who like to dress up as a character from a show, manga and even a video game are a common sight in the convention. But if you’re going to take pictures of them, it’s only polite to ask first. Most are willing to pose for a shot so it’s usually no big deal.

If you really, really want a bumper sticker that proclaims your undying love to “Sailor Moon” or have always dreamed of looking like a shinigami from “Bleach”, chances are you will find said items at this event. Just don’t go into a buying frenzy.

I’m taking a pass this year since I’m saving money for an overseas trip. Yeah, I know. It wasn’t an easy decision to make.

Here are some shots from last year’s convention. These are folks channeling the “D. Gray-man” cast and a teen dressed like some Goth Lolita. I don’t know which character she’s supposed to be though.

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