Hell-bent on solving mysteries


Yako Katsuragi, 16, is known for eating like a pig and solving mysteries, The public refers to her as “the high school girl detective” or sometimes “the piggish detective.” Her mother is abroad as far as she knows but the elder Katsuragi is actually in South America trying to unravel the mystery of her husband’s killing.

Before she became a detective, Yako’s father was found killed and decapitated in a bloody room locked from the inside. The cops labeled it a suicide. Uh how is that even possible? The poor man killed himself then cut off his own head?

Anyway, Yako is not really the one who solves the cases in “Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro” or “Demon Detective Neuro Nogami.” The teen is merely a front for Neuro Nogami, a demon who eats mysteries. He devoured all the mysteries in hell so he came to earth looking for more.

Anyone who sees this show would wonder why the public would think Yako is a detective since all she does is say, “And the culprit is … you!” and points out the guilty party. Neuro posseses her and makes her do the pointing too, As her assistant, he also explains how she solved the mystery. And people give her all the credit? Duh.

The evildoers are then gobbled by Neuro in his bird form, Well at least their evil intent is what he eats.

Yako learns to be a detective of sorts later on. And the show doesn’t get really interesting until midway when a serial killer/thief named Sai pops up. But I won’t spoil it for you by telling what happens the rest of the series.