More anime tunes

I was checking out YouTube and saw this courtesy of Top 5 Anime. I have no idea if the contest was just a fan-driven thing. The tunes are nice though.

In order of presentation they are:

1. “Hare Hare Yukai” by Ayano Hirano which was used as the closing song to “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”

2. “Rewrite” by Asian Kung Fu Generation which was one of the opening songs used in “Full Metal Alchemist”

3. “The World” by Nightmare which is the first opening song in “Death Note”

4. “Undo” by Joker also used as an opening song in “Full Metal Alchemist”

6. “Grip” by Every Little Thing which heralded the arc involving the seven Shichinintai in “Inuyasha”

7. “Asterisk” by Orange Range which is the first opening theme song in “Bleach”

Personally, I would pick “Asterisk”, “The World”, “Go” and “Rewrite.” I’m crazy that way.

New Year, new resolutions

It’s that time of year when folks make resolutions or start cracking on whatever promise they made to themselves. OK here’s mine. This year I resolve to watch more anime that I enjoy and be less forgiving with shows that belong in the reject pile.

No more sitting through 5 or 10 episodes of the cliched, the trite and the truly awful. One or two episodes will be the maximum. I am leery of imposing a zero tolerance policy on anime since some shows improve after several episodes.

Anyway, here’s the third opening of the D.Gray-man series which is still running in Japan and hasn’t been licensed here yet. I like the show and I prefer this opening song than the previous two. It’s called “Doubt and Trust” by Access. Yeah it’s JPOP.

The YouTube video is courtesy of someone called “The Bleeding Wrath.”