The anime deprived

My computer won’t restart so I have no access to the anime files it carries. I have seen all the anime DVDs and tapes in my room already. I care not for the anime being shown on television because they are either re-runs or these are the shows I detest. Plus I am tied up with work so I cannot go to the anime store this week to borrow new DVDs.

Aaaargh! And double aargh! Fate is too cruel.

It’s only been a day and I am already moping. No anime means I can sleep early. Or heaven forbid, actually watch a tv show that doesn’t have the words “CSI”, “Law and Order” or “Cold Case” as part of its title. Hmm “Gossip Girl”, what’s that? Is that a show about some entertainment columnist or a neighborhood tattler?

Guess I can always go back to my old reliable standby – books.