Ichigo, Naruto and Light via iTunes


Here’s another excuse for the anime-obsessed to spend oodles of cash. Rent? What’s that?

VIZ Media announced episodes of “Naruto” uncut, “Bleach” and “Death Note” are now available from the iTunes Store (www.iTunes.com) This translates to Season I of “Naruto”, two story arcs of “Bleach” and all 37 episodes of “Death Note.”

Bleach movie licensed


Here’s the latest news from the land of “Bleach”, the popular action anime about soul reapers.

VIZ Media based in San Francisco has secured the license for “Bleach the movie: Memories of Nobody!! According to the company’s press release, the film will have a limited theatrical release in major cities throughout North America this summer with the DVD release to follow in the winter.

“Bleach” is a popular ongoing shonen series in Japan which is based on an equally popular manga by Tite Kubo. In America, the anime airs on Adult Swim.

“Bleach” has also spawned several video games but I haven’t played those so I can’t tell you how they rate with me.

Do I like the show and manga? Hmmm. The main character, Ichigo Kurosaki, is on this blog’s design, my car’s rear window sports Ichigo’s temporary soul reaper logo and dangling from my bag is the character Kon who is a modified soul kept in a stuffed toy. Yeah I like “Bleach.” A lot.

If ya need more info, the “Bleach” Web site is bleach.viz.com or www.viz.com.