Take a tour of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX

Want a sneak peak at the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX?

Now you have a chance.

The airport will play host to a preview day on Saturday, June 22 from 9 a.m. to 6  p.m.  Six sessions will be held, each lasting about 90 minutes. Advanced registration is required, and free tickets can only be used for the schedule tour time. You can only register for a maximum of six tickets per registration. Complementary parking will be provided. Backpacks and large bags are not permitted.

The new $1.7 billion terminal was supposed to be completed by now, but the project has been repeatedly delayed. Airport officials say they expect a large chunk of it to open at some point this summer.  Full completetion is scheduled for 2014.

Information is available at www.laxappreciationday.com


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  • RAFBentwaters

    Is this the same Tom Bradley, as Mayor, who asked for the King riot?