Anthony Toth built a 747 inside a warehouse — and there’s video!

Anthony Toth is my hero.

You may remember him from my story in February. He loved Pan Am so much that he built a replica of a 747-200 inside a warehouse in the City of Industry, near Los Angeles. For now, he has first class in the nose, as well as a small section called Clipper Class, which looks like a current coach cabin, but, at the time, was considered more like business class. He also has a dining area, which he has built on the upper deck. I believe he also just completed a cockpit. It’s all just about perfect.

You intrepid blogger might be visiting the plane again this weekend. If that’s the case, he’ll be sure to update you on Anthony’s progress, with pictures. I know he eventually wants to complete an entire 747.

CrankyFlier, who is perhaps the best aviation blogger in the country, is organizing a trip to Anthony’s plane on Sept. 28. Competition for the slots should be fierce, but you can check out the plans on Cranky’s blog.  For the event, dinner will be served by ex Pan Am flight attendants. (I spoke with a couple on the phone for my story and let me tell you, these women take serving seriously.)

Can’t make it to Cranky’s event? Or simply want to learn more? Check out this video made by Anthony in which he explains how he built his replica.



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