A Knife and fork for your donuts? That’s the Singapore Airlines way.

Randy's donuts

Hungry for donuts at 30,000 feet? If you’re flying Singapore Airlines in first or business class from Los Angeles International Airport, you might be in luck.

The carrier struck a deal with iconic Los Angeles area purveyor Randy’s Donuts, which is delivering the sweets daily to the airline’s caterer. We spoke with James Boyd, Singapore’s spokesman, about how the deal went down.

Brian Sumers: Why the tie between Singapore Airlines and Randy’s Donuts?

James Boyd: Well, it’s part of our light bites menu. So basically between meals and whenever passengers are feeling a little bit peckish, we have a whole menu — everything from noodles to Singapore Chicken Rice, in some menu cycles. We also try to be reflective of the local communities that we serve and so Randy’s Donuts is such an institution in Los Angeles, we wanted to give people a little bit of a taste of home.

Sumers: Do you have any idea how many donuts you might bring on a flight?

Boyd: The delivery just went out for today’s flight. It’s actually the owner of Randy’s Donuts who puts several boxes of donuts into his vehicle, and takes them over to our catering facility. So it’s about eight to 10 boxes every day for the flights from LAX.

Sumers: And how do you serve them on board?

Boyd: The donuts are served on demand. And you have to remember, this is still Singapore Airlines. So the crew will serve them on a beautiful china plate served with a knife and fork. So you get your comfortable taste of home — something very comforting and familiar — but with all the polish of the Singapore Airlines in-flight service.

Sumers: And do we know if the donuts taste the same at altitude?

Boyd: They taste exactly the same. We warm them up a little bit. They go into the microwave for just a couple of seconds so we can serve them warm. But it’s the same experience.


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